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have a nice day.

all public posts will remain here,so feel free to stroll.

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friends cut.

i rarely/almost not updating this journal anymore,so there is no point of having friends list anymore.
don't get me wrong,i really love you all,but i had moved and i would like to keep this journal empty.

thank you so much for the memories we shared in fandom together,it was a nice feeling for the last 2 years.
good luck in everything you do and stay healthy ♥
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Was sorting out files...old pictures,feel free to take if you didn't have 8D

77 Nakajima Yuto concert paparazzi pictures[2006-2008],D.N.A

Please comment when taking.Thank you 8D

Public for 2 days.
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well hello.

wow,it's been hell so long since i last updated.
i decided not to update this journal anymore,but when i logged in just now many of you still keep me in your f-list,i'm very grateful for that.
thank you so much dearies.

HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR!i hope this year will be much more memorable year for you guys.

btw if any of you didn't know,i had moved.
totsu  8DDD
it's up to you whether to add me there or not.

and um...i'll still be logged in this journal sometimes to check on you guys.thank you for being such amazing friends <33

i love you all and have a good day :D
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this is also as a friends-cut,and i got some reasons why i'm moving though :)
this journal will remain,i'll use this account sometimes to post blogcrews and media :)

thank you for those whom adding me here,i have a great moments with you all XD

i hope you have a nice day :D

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first, SELAMAT HARI RAYA, EID MUABARAK to those who are celebrating it :DD

may you have a nice one this year :)

finally the struggle is done, and i'm off for a week or so to my hometown.

so take care guys :)

see you in a weeeek :D

massu soup for the soul:


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Tegoshi Yuya-Tegomasu no Uta shop photos and concert pictures.

i should take a day off...bad cough is bad DD:

btw these are Tegoshi's part for Tegomasu no Uta shop photos and concert pictures...i think there are 40+ pictures all together XDD;
he's so gorgeous!XD

HQs will come out soon by other posters,but if you want to see it first it's here XD
[656x592 approx.]

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pictures source; amandalee9991@baidu
NOTE; THESE ARE DEFINITELY NOT MINE, no watermarks erased.i hope this is clear :D

assignments's the cause i slept less than 3 hours these 2 weeks DD;

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Dreamboys pamphlet previews :)

these are very few previews for Dreamboys Pamphlet,in REALLY BIG SIZE!

THESE ARE DEFINITELY NOT MINE. No, i didn't erase any watermarks or anything. Please credit the original poster if you're distributing them :) i'm trying to avoid posting from naver, but ..../cries
i couldn't find any yet on baidu.
i'm stating this due an incident few months back, and i got kind of traumatic :/
thank you for your attention :D

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this post will be updated if i find more lol.